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Reporting portal is an online web platform where Participating Institutes (PIs) under UBA can report their progress and activities. PIs can login to the portal using username and password communicated to them through mail from Coordinating Institute, IIT Delhi. This portal has following features and information -

  • Login facility- for PIs to enter respective institute page
  • Baseline Survey- Web format of household level and village level survey forms for data entry from the PIs
  • Soft copy of survey forms may be downloaded using the link below and their hard copies to be used for offline purposes (to conduct survey in the villages).
  • Household survey form: Click here to download
  • Village Level Survey Form: Click here to download
  • he survey would be considered complete only when all the mandatory fields has been filled. However, filled data may be saved at any point of time.
  • Provision to enter 'NA' | 'NR' in the data fields where data is not available or not revealed by survey respondent.
  • Data Analysis Report- Web format to analyse baseline survey data entered by PIs and automatically generate reports.
  • Monthly Activity Report-Web template for reporting monthly progress from PIs.
  • Village Development Plan (VDP) - PIs can upload VDPs of the villages adopted by them under UBA
  • Other Activities- PIs can report/upload the relevant activities, documents, photographs and videos
  • Users are advised to log out properly after completing their work to safeguard their account and data.
  • For further assistance please contact: Phone: 011-2659-6451
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