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Subject Expert Groups (SEGs)

In order to develop the necessary resource material including the vision, methodology of intervention, prospective technologies and success stories in the specific areas of interventions, it was proposed by the apex committee that nationwide subject expert groups (SEGs) be developed in these specialized areas. Initially, ten broad subject areas were designated tentatively and specific institutions were nominated to coordinate the activity of formation of SEGs drawing experts from academia, industry as well as from field organizations who have had long experience of applied R&D and successful field intervention in these areas.

After thorough brainstorming on these subject themes with the prospective coordinators, twelve subject expert group themes, with coordinators and coordinating institutes were finalized in the workshop held in November, 2015 at IIT Delhi. The SEGs will have the responsibility of developing the necessary resource material for the benefit of all the UBA cluster teams. These experts will also conduct training workshops and indicate innovative projects to be taken up for R&D in professional institutions in the context of UBA.

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